Special Projects Group

Transportation Services

  • Armored transport services (jewelry, precious stones, cash, fine art and collectibles, families of means)
  • Executive drivers
  • Discrete and Elite
  • Courier services
  • Financial: Armed transport may be used to transport money safetly.
  • Jewelry: Armed transport is utilized to transport jewelry safely. We understand that jewelers work with precious metals and valuable gemstones, we will ensure that safe delivery to those who has purchased them.
  • Corporate: clients may not need a full protective detail, what we can provide is expert drivers for executives and family members at home and while traveling abroad.

Maritime Protections Unit

BCI Maritime Protections Unit (MPU) provides amphibious based reconnaissance and area deniability by conducting offshore maritime, riverine and harbor patrols. MPU’s boat unit protects shipping lanes, harbor operations and conducts safe passage of ships in inland waterways and antipiracy patrols.

MPU also protects the underwater battle space by using waterborne and aviation surveillance assets (drone, rotary and fixed wing) and conducts and supports dive operations for underwater hull inspections and pier sweeps for explosive threats and contraband. (Aviation assets are provided by contract as needed or requested.)

MPU provides armed Maritime Protection Specialists for protection of commercial shipping against piracy and theft.

Close Protection

Also known as executive protection or bodyguard services, refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs. These services are usually extended to celebrities, executives or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location. We provide personalized individual protection or team/ group protection to ensure our client can move about in their own comfort knowing their safety is priority in our scope of due diligence. We provide a safe and secure shielding that allows the client the privilege of knowing their freedoms are being protected from threats to their person and belongings.

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